April 24, 2024

Stack Mod Apk Download 3.12 Android (Unlimited Money, No Ads)

Stack Mod Apk Download is a very popular free puzzle game in which you’ll be able to take a break from all the other applications that you’re used to because along with the search for objects or building rows of similar colored pieces, one of the most distinct features will be that instead of filling up a tower by making it as high as possible, you’ll need to fold its blocks and make it as high and tall as you can while still being careful not to have it collapse on itself in the middle of construction; just be careful not to overdo it because the tower might continuously rotate on its own which will only make your job more difficult.

Stack Mod Apk Infinite Money

Stack Game

The Stack Game is easy to understand and features 42+ backgrounds which can be unlocked with yellow gems. In the mod version, you have an unlimited number of yellow gems which can unlock each & every Stack of Backgrounds. The 4 I like the most are ZigZag, Platinum, Stone, and Turtle. The official version allows you to watch ads for some yellow gems but that’s boring so in that case, you might download Stack MOD and enjoy the game without any ads instead .

Stack Mod Apk New Version

Check out these new backgrounds in the newest version of Stack Mod! There are now a total of 43+ stunning backgrounds. Play without worrying about anything else. This game has beautiful visuals and sounds. The newly-released patch has also fixed some bugs and crashes.

Stack Graphics

Key Features

Take on a thrilling journey while playing Stack Mod Apk. This game is developed by ByteTyper, a compelling and addictive game that will keep you glued to the screen, enjoying every single moment of this exhilarating adventure. Each level presents increasingly difficult challenges for players to complete their tasks with ease. Users have access to intuitive controls guaranteed to be suitable for your keyboard or mobile device of choice so pick up the pace and turn the wheels faster as you progress through levels throughout the game.

Premium Features

Stack Levels

To use all the premium features available in Stack Mod Apk, you will have to get the premium version and we know that it’s not everyone can spare real money on a game. But don’t worry, because as a true friend we have brought for you an alternative – the free MOD version is available to anyone who knows how to download mods, so all you need to do is choose the free download option from this page and you’re good to go.


Stack is a fun game for Android that many users like to play. Those who want to get the highest achieved level are challenged to concentrate completely on every second of the game- that makes Stack one of their favorite games. The way of playing is just by touching the screen and there is no need to do any other movement. All you have to do at the right moment is to stack the new floor on top of the previous ones and continue playing. Cannon Shot Mod Apk

Extra Features

  • Fun and addictive gameplay
  • Interesting and unique graphics
  • Exciting sounds and music
  • Take part in the biggest competition
  • Control the stack very easily
  • Attractive and smooth interface

Stack Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
  • Free Shopping
  • Premium Features Fully Unlocked
  • Free OF Ads
  • No Need To Pay


To play the challenging yet fun-filled stack Mod Apk game, you will need to swipe your way through colorful gems as they move along an infinite guide rail. This is a mod version with unlimited coins and gems, keys available for unlocking difficulty levels, as well as improved controls. Should make this game easier to play.

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