June 13, 2024

Download ANWhatsApp+10 Apk 2023

The ANWhatsApp+10 version is the final and most popular version that comes with ANWhatsApp. The version is whatsapp 10 is available in a gold color and features an different appearance than other versions. In this article, we will review this version and provide the link for you to download anwhatsapp+10 apk the most recent version and also show you the method of running ten copies of AnWhatsApp simultaneously.

What is ANWhatsApp+10?

This is the tenth version of ANWhatsApp and you’ll have the option to download nine copies prior to it. It has gold icons and looks like gold from the outside the main screen and chats are green. In whatsapp 10 it is possible to change the colour that appears on the app and turn it into gold. However, if you would like to download gold versions both inside and out it is possible to download gold WhatsApp.

Download ANWhatsApp+10 Anti-ban Latest Version

If you notice a message saying that AN WhatsApp will stop after 30 days, don’t panic the app’s developer will release an new update shortly, so keep an eye on.

The copy is a part of the official WhatsApp using an different number.

Information download ANWhatsApp+10

Developer Ammar Al-Awadi
Version v30
Update date 17/07/2023
Size 51.75 MB

AN10WhatsApp Stopped (July Update)

AN10WhatsApp was shut down on the 17th of July, 2023 due to its WhatsApp market version it’s based on was no longer in use. Tomorrow or today, the developer will launch the update and the issue will be resolved. Keep watch on our website because we’ll become the first one to publish this new update.


How can I download an WhatsApp 10?

  1. Click above the download link above, to download an WhatsApp10.
  2. You must enable your phone to allow download of unknown origins in the settings on your phone.
  3. Click onto the download file and then install it.
  4. Enter your telephone number and your activation number.

Note When your app was already downloaded on your device and you’d like to update it, there’s no requirement to follow the steps previously described. All you need to do is download the file above and then select update.

How do I start ten WhatsApp copies in the same handset?

ANWhatsApp is a premium copy since it includes ten copies which can be installed at the same time. In order to open ten copies follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to download the entire ten ANWhatsApp copies via ANWhatsApp.
  2. Be sure to login to each of the ten copies of ANWhatsApp with the different number every time to ensure that you don’t end up banned from WhatsApp.
  3. You can now utilize all of these copies without any problems.

How to Update AN WhatsAppp Plus 10?

Download the most current update to any copy by clicking the link above.
Don’t delete the latest version of AWhatsApp+10.
The app file within the download file. Double click to install.
Start the app and will be able to enjoy all the new updates.

ANWhatsApp+10 Update New Version

Here are the most recent new features that were added in the app:

  • The new WhatsApp base
  • Backup and restore feature is available for Media (images as well as videos). Go to FMWA > Universal > Backup and Restore.
  • The ability to save messages from private chats, and also receive pinned messages from friends.
  • Alternative to share chats among mobile phones without the use of Google Drive (Settings > Chats).
  • The official chat can be turned on by going to the Chat Information page and choosing Lock.
  • The ability to connect your WhatsApp account to the four different devices.

Features of ANWhatsApp

The Home Screen

This is how the main screen of ANWhatsApp appears. There are many icons on the screen that help users to access specific features like turning on darkness mode, switching off the internet, creating an account, creating a new account, and so on.

Reject WhatsApp Calls

This app lets you talk to your friends and family easily. It also allows you to enjoy privacy at a high level as it provides a few alternatives to block calls such as no internet, calls being declined or not being answered. This feature is accessible through the settings for your phone.

Save to Gallery

This feature lets you save your media files, photos as well as videos in Gallery. This only works if the media visibility is off. You can switch the off of the media visibility by going to the settings of your contact profile.

Protect your privacy

Within this area, you can find additional options to manage your privacy. You can view View Once Media unlimited times and prevent other users from deleting messages and remove messages forwarded to you.

Change the style of the app

Sometimes, you are bored of the layout and layout of this app and would like to alter the appearance of the app. It is possible to alter its appearance and even the design of its icons, and it comes with the option of a variety of different and appealing themes.

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