July 19, 2024

Meteors Attack Mod Apk Download 1.1.1 For Android (Unlimited Money)

Meteors Attack Game

Meteors Attack Mod Apk Imagine you’re an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. You’ve just entered our atmosphere, and while the fiery friction at your exterior could melt a continent, you’re determined to put an end to all human life not only flattening cities but also potentially ending it altogether by destroying the planet itself. In fact, if you carry on going about your business at the same rate as before turning into a meteor & burning up in the atmosphere of our beautiful planet.

The longer the destruction you cause, the bigger & more powerful are you. Set precise targets, attack & crash them into ruins. As you level up through this space crashing simulation, your ultimate goal is to destroy the earth in. one second flat. Are you good enough to smash another galaxy into pieces so fast? Well, this is a challenge worth taking.

Meteors Attack Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

Meteors Attack apk Earth Meteors Attack apk Safe

At Mobile Action we’ve come up with a new and exciting way to play the classic game we all grew up on. Now you can take your grown-up gaming experience to new heights thanks to our amazing Meteor Attack Mod Apk. Just imagine that every time you launch an attack against landmarks in your city, it feels like the big bang of how your planet was formed, except of course you’re doing this instead of. Mars Idle Survival Mod Apk

Meteors Attack Mod Apk Brave the perils of the planet and hit it with a blinding rage. Destroy everything in sight from cities to monuments by burning everything in your fiery path. You’ll be so awesome that no one will be able to stop you as you bring down buildings and melt them into dust! Let nothing get in your way as you show what it means to mete out destruction and lay barren even the mightiest structures on Earth.

Meteors Attack Apk Key Features

You’re flying through space as you’re ready to crash into any other object that’s in your way. It can be anything – UFOs, meteors, comets, and even planets. But don’t forget your main objective is to destroy the planet with everything else crashing down with it. Arashi Adventure Mod Apk

Cause as much destruction and damage as possible so you can make your meteor big & powerful enough to blow up the planet with everything on it.

Would you like to be the most destructive meteor this world has ever seen? Do you want to take all the human race down with you or just some of them in an unprecedented manner? There are many who have tried but have all failed. But that is only because they did not put their talent and skill on display.

Meteors Attack apk WorldMeteors Attack apk Cities

They did not prove themselves fully capable. You can show them why you should be the one to take credit for bringing about the end times.

Extra Features

  • Collect Unlimited Coins
  • Collect Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Jewels Unlocked
  • No need to root
  • No need to jailbreak
  • SSL Secured Encryption
  • Easy User Interface

Some Other Features

  • It is an easy-to-use and the best tool for you to generate in-app purchases for you.
  • You can create unlimited in-app purchases and unlimited assets.
  • It is the best in-app purchase hack online for you.
  • You can also customize the Cheats you want to add in this hack.


Meteor Attack is a game with an unusual simulation of nature, where not only the user is a meteor flying from space, but also controls it. It’s necessary to choose the direction of flight in order to bring it to the desired point on Earth, and then cause maximum damage.

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