June 14, 2024

Prey Day Mod Apk Downlaod Latest Version (MOD, Immortality) 2022

Pre Day

Prey Day Mod Apk is an online, multiplayer survival shooting action game that takes place in a huge city in a world after a zombie apocalypse. an unknown virus that didn’t know where it came from destroyed a big number of the population. only a few people left on the earth and have survived.

Most of the humans have been infected by that deadly virus and turned into killer zombies Among the labyrinth of empty streets, survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes. The surviving people need a way to get out of the city. This is a tough job to fight with the deadly zombies and make it out of the city.

Among the labyrinth of empty streets, survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes and venture outside to discover the cause of the infection that left the world in a state of survival. there are many challenges the survivors have to face they don’t have any way but they have to do this otherwise they are dead.

Now you are one of them who has survived from infection and you are a part of this event. You have to run for your life with the other surviving people. You have to face hunger and thirst. The people with you are scared but you guys have to look for the other surviving people and spend a few days with them.

Features of Prey Day Apk

The game story is just awesome many survival games are trending these days on the android world but some of the games are on the top of the list one of them is State Of Survival Mod Apk there are many other games the best thing about these games is the graphic quality and the different plot that’s why these games are so much popular.

We will tell you in detail about each and every feature of prey-day Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, but it will take much time because there are many features so it is not easy to tell in complete detail I will try to explain them but if I missed something don’t be angry on me so let’s start with the features.

Prey Day Online World

Prey day survival is an open-world game where you can go anywhere in the game regarding the map set in a vast city destroyed by a wave of infection. Somehow you and some of the other people survived but this is not easy to make it to the end of the game.

Make A Clan With Others

Start searching for the top pro players and make a clan with them so you can unlock new things by exploring new areas and cities, you can get new guns, ammo, and different kinds of new things that will be good for you and it will also help you for the war against the deadly zombies.


You are on the journey of your life and you need many things in the deadly journey because you are surrounded by deadly zombies. Trigger new craft recipes that can help protect your life against other players – crafting skills allow you to build your own shelter and protect it with traps.

Prey Day Mod Apk Free Craft-Unlimited Money

Prey Day Mod Apk survival zombie apocalypse is a shooting survival game set in the city harbor town. An unknown virus has destroyed a big part of the world. A huge number of the human population is also destroyed and some of them are infected by a deadly virus. I don’t know where it came from.

Some of the humans have not been infected and they have survived in the destroyed city. You are one of them. Now you have survived and you have to search for the other people who are alive and not infected with the virus yet to reach them with complete safety make sure you have weapons and food.

Your journey is not short, there is a big way to go with different kinds of challenges like thirst, hunger, and the main threat is deadly zombies. You need a good amount of money and food and also weapons because you have to fight with the zombies. This is the only way to succeed.

We will provide you the modded version of prey day survival mod Apk this will help you to make your journey easier. With the help of Prey Day Mod Apk you will get unlimited gold money, Immortality, Freezing enemy power, and also Free Craft these things will be enough for your journey.

Additional information About Prey Day Zombie Apocalypse

App Name Prey Day Mod Apk
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 474.8 MB
Latest Version 14.7.04
MOD Info MOD, Immortality
Downloads 191,862
Updated 2 Days Ago

Gameplay Prey Day Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day Survival Zombie Apocalypse is a shooting action and survival game the story starts from an apocalypse where a big part of the world is destroyed by a deadly virus and the surviving people are not many, half of them are turned into deadly zombies and half of them are not infected.

The survivors have to be ready for a long journey. They have not thought about this kind of journey where they have to fight with hunger and thirst and with deadly zombies. Their journey is to find the other people who are not infected and are alive in different places of the city.

How To Download The Latest Version of Prey Day Mod Apk?

The downloading process of Prey Day Mod Apk is not difficult you can simply download the game by clicking the download link.

How To Install Prey Day Mod Apk?

Once You Have Downloaded The Prey Day Mod Apk Version From The Given Link This Is A Easy Step

  • Download Prey Day Mod Apk
  • Install Prey Day Mod Apk
  • Open the installer and complete your process
  • Let it install completely on your android device
  • Open the MOD APK App And Enjoy

That’s it now you can enjoy the Prey Day Mod Apk full Version with unlimited resources on your device.

Final Words For Prey Day Zombie Apocalypse

The Pre Day Mod Apk version is completely modded and this version will allow you to get unlimited money craft and unlimited everything you will need in this game, this survival game is a little different from the other games when you turn off the game for a long period your character will die you have to login daily to feed your character thats the amazing new feature.

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