April 24, 2024

OrderZero Mod Apk + OBB Download 4.1.1 (MOD, One Hit, Chaos Oil)

OrderZero Mod Apk Orderzero is a brand new game from the publisher IKINA GAMES now available on Google Play and iTunes for Android users. Despite its soft release, it has attracted the attention of several experienced commercial gamers, who have given it many positive reviews to date with a rating of 4.7/5. Its popularity keeps growing and so too does our belief that it deserves to be one of the best options in your phone or tablet’s game library at present.

The Order Zero: Duels has a classic shooting system and is the first vertical scroll shooter on mobile phones with beautiful design and unique characters. Besides, gamers will have the chance to diversify themselves by choosing the right card due to the levels are different (easy, medium, hard). The up-gradable weapons and equipment of the hero in the game clearly show that this game is worth playing. We’re sure you will have a great time on Order Zero: Duels.

OrderZero Mod Apk Unlimited Everything Unlocked

OrderZero Apk OrderZero Handle

OrderZero is a video game inspired by classic shoot-em-up games of the 1990s and early 2000s. The game hearkens back to the days of classics like Ikaruga, Super Smash Bros., and even Dark Souls when it comes down to that feeling of playing the game for the first time. At the same time, OrderZero tries to be reminiscent of modern games such as Flappy Bird in terms of having a goal (surviving) but also has elements that reward skill and reflexes over luck.

The amount of levels one can explore isn’t limitless because you are trying to complete each level but it’s something akin to Dark Souls which has many secret places around that you might not come across until maybe your twentieth run-through that area by accident. And finally, our no-story approach will give players a chance to experience their own story through our open format. Stickman Fighter Infinity Mod Apk

Key Features OF OrderZero Apk

OrderZero is an arcade shooter with the phone’s vertical screen removed to create a unique experience for players. Besides this, the game features large anime-style graphics featuring vivid combat effects. In the game, players can unlock and upgrade weapons and equipment to give them access to many different experiences. The characters in this game are strong and flavorful with their own unique abilities that make playing each one distinctive from one another.

Brave Heroine Gameplay

The game is based on the battles of the heroines against the forces of darkness that have devastated the beautiful city – where they live. The player can work their way through levels that challenge them to destroy all monsters on maps using special powers and skills at their disposal, which are acquired throughout the game.

Classic battles in Order Zero are controlled with one hand. Simple operation and well-paced play mean that players will be rewarded for careful timing and accurately executing combos. With a large cast of unique characters, any player will be able to create his or her own strategy. Complex attacks can be mixed up immensely and deliver a wide variety of combat options to choose from: choosing different skills and upgrading them is key to building the most powerful possible character. League of Stickman 2 Mod Apk

OrderZero Items OrderZero Strategy

Upgrade Your Weapons

As you advance in your abilities, the challenge in the game gradually increases, with many of the monsters you face possessing incredible powers. So it would be helpful if you upgraded your character by purchasing new weapons and other types of equipment to make fighting easier for both yourself and your comrades.

You can then unlock special items like weapons and rings, which you can use to customize things easily. These items will help increase your character’s stats including their attack power or strong points such as HP salary.

Win And Play New Levels

After Completing each level, you can choose to upgrade either your main character’s strength, skill, or HP depending on how you want to play the game and where you see yourself having the most success. Some levels also present strategic boss battles which are much easier to overcome by choosing a specific ability out of the three.

Automatic Level System

OrderZero will inspire an endless chain of journeys for you to participate in and prove your ability as a player. There are hundreds of challenges across hundreds of levels, each with different situations, terrains, and ever more formidable adversaries. If you beat each level, there’s a reward at stake.

Amazing Anime Style Graphics

The game characters have been animated in the most detailed anime-style possible and each character will wear different costumes, weapons, accessories, and skills. The battle environments have also been designed with a beautiful classic game style, giving players an exciting experience while battling in legendary dungeons. As well as having different offensive styles and defensive styles, each character has also been given some stunning special effects which increase the interest of players.

Extra Features

  • Level up through experience gained from killing enemy creatures.
  • Customize your character with the skills and attributes you’ve unlocked.
  • Powerful equipment is available for purchase from the game store.
  • Hordes of beautiful, vicious monsters waiting for you to kill them.
  • Dozens of levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Hundreds of combat skills waiting to be unlocked.
  • Hundreds of powerful weapons and deadly equipment.
  • Customizable character and costume.

OrderZero Mod Apk Features

  • 200+ levels of combat skills and equipment.
  • Unique and powerful equipment to increase your character’s attack power.
  • Hundreds of levels for you to challenge and show off your top shooting skills.
  • Upgrade your weapons and equipment to increase your character’s stats and attack power.
  • Increase your maximum HP to unlock new items.
  • Easy to play on any device and challenging to master.
  • Addictive with unique gameplay and controls.


OrderZero is a new mobile game that is going to thrill online gamers who prefer more classic shooting games when it comes to their characters. Why not start with an old-school and white-haired anime heroine? Furthermore, players can start on a quest to decisively take out some of the most legendary monsters known in gaming history while they are on a journey. Start off being somewhat flexible here by mastering your reflexes and incorporating highly professional shooting into the mix as you continue rising in levels.

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