April 24, 2024

Lost In Blue Mod Apk Latest Version 1.100.0 (Unlimited Money Diamonds) 2022

Lost In Blue Mod Apk is an action-adventure survival game, this game has a different gameplay style. You have to play the role of the main character. Your plane has crashed and you are on an unknown island. your job is to get out of this strange island because you are not alone here there are many things on the island.

Your plane has crashed and you are here only as a human being, now your job is tough. You have to collect all the resources and find a way to get out of this deadly island because this island has many dangerous creatures. The deadliest thing about this island is that the deadly zombies are here and you don’t want them to hunt you.

There are many survival games and people love these kinds of games. Some popular survival games are State Of Survival MOD APK is an amazing survival game. You have to fight with the zombies and save your ass. Another amazing survival game is Westland Survival Mod Apk. This game is also amazing for zombie game lovers.

Features Of Lost In Blue

As we mentioned above Lost In Blue Mod Apk is a new style of survival zombie game the plot is different and the graphics are mind-blowing that’s why people love to play this zombie survival game. Once you start playing this game you will be addicted to this game lost in blue is a time-killing game.


To Survive on this mysterious deserted island, you must form friendships with players from around the world and gather the limited resources.


Upgrade your character to stay alive and experience the excitement of what mother nature has to offer to its fullest.


The PVE part of this game is unlike any others. Survive and explore natural sceneries like beaches, tropical rainforests, swamps, and volcanoes. At the same time, you are battling your way through man-made obstacles, such as an expedition ship from the 1980s, many secret research labs, ancient underground ruins, and deadly abandoned temples.


Collect materials and use them to build your own camp! Learn to craft various types of tools and weapons. You will need them to survive! Build your own unique camp with defensive facilities such as sensory tower, arrow tower, etc., and survival facilities like vegetable patches, where you plant seeds and grow food, or workbenches, where you make tools for hunting or gathering!


It’s your choice! Whether to fight or work with other players!


This game was developed to provide players with the Ultimate experience of surviving on a deserted island. The PVE and PVP elements are something you can never find in any other game!

Lost In Blue Mod Apk Unlimited Money

We all know that resources are the most important thing in any game because without resources we can’t finish the game. When we are playing a shooting game and we are out of bullets then there is no way to end the game. That’s why it is said resources are very important in every kind of game.

In the game Lost in Blue, you are playing the role of the main character and your plane crashes and you are stuck on an unknown island. Now you have to collect the resources and find a way to go home but this is not an easy target because the island is full of zombies and other dangerous things.

We suggest you use our lost in blue mod Apk version with the help of this modded version of the game you will be able to buy anything for free from the app purchase without spending any money you can unlock new features and also you can upgrade all the things you need to finish the game you can download Lost In Blue Mod Apk version from our website.

Additional Information

App Name Lost In Blue Mod Apk
Publisher Volcano Force
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 851 MB
Latest Version 1.100.0
Requirements 4.3 and up
Updated 1 Day Ago
Installs 1,000,000+


Lost in Blue gameplay starts when a man is fighting with the storm and trying to get out of the storm but he failed and the plane has crashed the other people died in the plane crash luckily you are survived and you are on an unknown island and there is no way to get out from the island because the plane has crashed.

Now when you are fully awake and you know that this place is not simple and you need to find a way to get out from this deadly island, first of all, you need to build some kind of place so you can be safe from the attacks of the zombies and other deadly creatures and start to search food because it is the main thing to live.

Once you have built a place for living, now you have seeds, you can grow plants and you can set a trap for the zombies and other enemies. You have to do a lot of hard work to survive on the deadly island because you have to make your way home and this is very difficult but not impossible.

How To Download The latest version of Lost In Blue Mod Apk?

You can easily download the latest version by following the download button given above or by clicking the download button

How To Install Lost In Blue Mod Apk

Once You Have Downloaded The Lost In Blue Mod Apk Version From The Given Link This Is A Easy Step

  1. Download Lost In Blue Mod Apk
  2. Install Lost In Blue Mod Apk
  3. Open the installer and complete your process
  4. Let it install completely on your android device
  5. Open the MOD APK App And Enjoy

That’s it now you can enjoy the Lost In Blue Mod Apk full Version with unlimited resources on your device

Final Words For Lost In Blue

Firstly you ought to collect resources, build shelter, and craft weapons. don’t forget the foremost important thing: food starts checking out as soon as the game starts. You’ll also sow seeds and grow food crops for yourself.

you’ll also build your defense system like a sensor tower, arrow tower, watchtower, etc. This helps you to guard yourself and your shelter from danger. As these things are done, now you’ll explore the island collect some amazing materials to upgrade your weapons, and use them for hunting and attacking enemies.

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