June 14, 2024

King Of Avalon MOD APK Download 13.9.0 ( Unlimited GOLD ) Updated

King OF Avalon Mod APK is A Real-Time Strategy Game The Game Is Released On July 14, 2016, For Android And IOS Devices, The Story Of The Game Is King Arthur fell in battle, a victim of the betrayal of his nephew Mordred. Now, his body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur. It is only when Excalibur has raised again that a new king again will be crowned and the kingdom will be unified.

The whole empire has been split into cities fighting each other. Many desire the power and magic of Excalibur but there is only room for one in the king’s throne King OF Avalon Is Set To Bring Back The Kingdom Of King Arthur.

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King Of Avalon Key Features

King of Avalon dragon warfare is a fantasy action-strategy game released in 2016 for android and ios devices in 2019 the total revenue generated from this game is $721 million, the games are played all around the world there is a smart translator for translating different languages for the players.

In the online strategy game, the main things are to create every move unique so while playing the king of Avalon remember that the game is not easy there are resources you need to upgrade your army gold needed for upgrading the troops, and make your army stronger than the others. Rise of Kingdoms Mod Apk Download

Allies Help

You need allies to help you in the battles otherwise you are finished you just need to maintain the resources to be needed to feed your army to upgrade your buildings.

War Everywhere. You and your army allies need to be prepared. Build up and upgrade your bases and bulk up epic armies with a war strategy – you’re not the only ones with your eyes on the throne of the Empire!

◆ Multiplayer kingdom war alliances! No man is an island. Whether you’re rallying against a GvE Barbarian leader or marching at a PvP bully, you’ll need allies that you can trust.

◆ Send a spy to your enemies with your troops before waging war against the enemy castle!

◆ Dragons! A legendary weapon of mass destruction. How will you train a legendary dragon to battle in your fantasy army?

◆ Chat & play! The Easy-translation feature brings thousands of players from around the world together in this real-time multiplayer war.

◆ Strategy! Research and master army attack and defense skills to ensure that you have the edge over your magic enemies. Know when to be invisible and when to order an invasion in this PvP adventure!

Additional Information

MOD Name King Of Avalon MOD APK
Version 13.9.0
Size 551 MB
Category Strategy
Updated 1 Day Ago
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Downloads 956,321
Developer FunPlus

Unlimited gold

In every Real-Time Strategy Game, SOme of The resources are very important gold for me gold is the main thing that you need in King Of Avalon how to get gold you can earn gold with a daily reward from the game making team but this is a fixed limit set by the management of the game.

If you need gold in a big limit then you can use real money to buy the gold from the marketplace the gold you buy from the market you can spend these gold coins to upgrade your army and unlock superheroes.

When you are playing King of Avalon dragon warfare then you have to note down that the gold has to be your first choice. The reward limit for daily gold is a small limit and if you want to buy the gold from the market the prices are very high so now you are a little worried you have to complete your game and win this but without gold, this is not possible.

Now you are thinking that how to complete the gold resources to successfully get unlimited gold thinking of some kind of gold hack, gold cheat, or a gold event, these all things can be used but different hack for different resources isn’t it a difficult task so we suggest you to use the King of Avalon Mod APK Version here you will get unlimited gold unlimited resources.

Unlimited Resources Food  Wood and  Iron

King Of Avalon Where You Need Gold There Are other resources which are used for different tasks the other resources are Food Silver And Wood From These Resources The main thing is Food Everyone Needs Food for living. for survival, how to get unlimited food without working hard.

unlimited food

How to get unlimited food in The king of Avalon basically you can get food by farming and by attacking other cities where food is gathered but for this, you have to be able to do this by collecting food from different techniques but this is a time taking thing so use some kind of food hack food cheat or a king of Avalon modded version.

Unlimited Wood

Let me tell you why would you need wood in The king of Avalon wood is the thing that can be used to build you need food to feed your troops army and king that’s how you need wood to build the building and to create a sawmill building, the building of sawmill is used to create wood and to keep a wood stock, you can use the king of Avalon mod APK version for unlimited wood.

Unlimited Iron

We have told you about the food and wood and how to use them let’s talk about iron how the iron resources are useful in this game and why you need them iron resources are useful to upgrade your army armors to protect them from arrows and sword attacks you can get iron from the iron mine but this step is time taking better to use the modded version for unlimited iron.

Unlimited Silver

The last thing in the resources that you need in. king of Avalon is silver everyone knows silver is useful in the upgrading process in this game the role of the silver is the same you need more silver then you have to build more silver housed to increase the production of silver but all these things are time taking and I know you don’t want to wait to enjoy the king of Avalon game.

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Gameplay

I know you are a gamer and you have played many games the games are outdated and the old strategies are the different king of Avalon Is A different Game And the Strategies Used Here Are different from the other games king of Avalon Dragon warfare was Released July 14, 2016, For Android And IOS Devices.

Like I said this is not an outdated strategy game. That’s why you need a lot of patience to play this game, the king of Avalon dragon warfare. The game is set in a time frame where King Arthur has died and the throne is in search of a true king. You can be that king but you have to make your army able to get your hands on the sword called Excalibur to become the true king of the throne.

If you want to play this breathtaking game then you need an android or ios device and a good internet connection to play this game and you have knowledge that how the game is played if you are the one then start your journey for the Sword And The throne and become the king of Avalon.

King of Avalon Dragon Warfare Mod APK

When it comes to online gaming with the real-time strategy it becomes very difficult you can say impossible because the players are from all around the world if you want to survive in the game you need to play like an ultra pro and have to maintain your Resources because you are the king of Avalon what does that mean it means you have to make sure you are upgraded with the level requirements and your army troops are upgraded so you can survive others wise this is not your game.

Mod Apk Features

To be upgraded on the time and get the unlimited resources needed in this game is to use our modded version of king of Avalon dragon warfare in this mod version you will get unlimited resources Food wood silver iron and unlimited Gold and you will also get the heroes for battles fully unlocked the dragon skills are also fully unlocked in the version of the mod so what are you waiting for just download the mod version and be the real king of Avalon.

How To Download And Install King Of Avalon Mod Apk Version

The downloading and Installation Is Very Simple And easy

  •  Download the King Of Avalon Mod Apk Version From The Given Link Above Or Click On The Download Link
  •  Wait for the Mod APK Version To complete downloading
  •  AFTER THE DOWNLOADING is completed click on Install
  •  Once the installation is completed you will see a game icon on your screen.
  •  Click on the game icon and enjoy the full unlock mod version.


  • How to download the latest version of king of Avalon Mod APK?
  • You Can Easily Download The Latest Version By FOllowing The download button given above or by clicking the link
  • How To Install the King of Avalon  Mod APK?
  • You Can Follow The Simple Procedure as described In The Below Section.
  • Simple download Boom Beach MOD APK  (Downloading Link) And CLick ON Install Boom Beach Mod APK. Then Open the installer and complete your process let it install fully on your android device

Is it safe to download the modded version of king of Avalon?

The file uploaded on our website is fully checked by our team and scanned by antivirus to avoid any complications so it is 100% safe to download the modded version

Final verdict

King of Avalon game will amaze you you will see different gameplay in this game and the graphics of the game are very high so better gaming experience with the help of the modded version for the king of Avalon you will get unlimited resources unlimited everything with unlocked all the gaming features with the bonus all the dragon are unlocked so just download and enjoy the game.

Important Note               

Our website APKSTICK is working hard to give you the best gaming experience and to forget about resources gold coins wood food and all the other resources you need in a strategy game so keep supporting us and share this website with your friends if you are having any problems to play the game you can tell us in the comment section below so we can help you for the problem

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