May 18, 2024

FamiSafe Mod Apk Parental Control App (Premiuim Unlocked) 2022

FamiSafe Mod Apk FamiSafe is a family app that can help manage and monitor your children’s screen time, location, and time usage, as well as filter out inappropriate content from social media apps and websites. It can also be used to monitor their various apps for suspicious or alarming communications.

Famisafe location tracking has features like Location Tracking (GPS), Device Link & Monitor for Family Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone, Website Filtering including Intrusion Prevention based on SafeGuard algorithm, Game Blocking (currently Android only), Account Protection with the 2-Step Verification process, and much more. Festival Post Mod Apk

FamiSafe Mod Apk Premium Features Unlocked

You might know, nowadays many children find social media irresistible. One of the most common activities on Tiktok is watching videos, but it can be hard for children to see just how much time they end up spending on these sites.

However since FamiSafe offers its own solution to this common issue, parents are given insight into the amount of time their child spends online so they can be more informed and aware of the situations they might face while surfing the internet. Appypie Mod Apk Download

FamiSafe Mod Apk Key Features

If you want to try out an I famisafe con App on Android, then download FamiSafe Apk App for Kids – FamiSafe Jr Hack (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO). This FamiSafe app can be tried out for free and does not require root.

Key Features

fami safe APK, the latest version of FamiSafe, can be downloaded to your mobile device and installed on Android with the minimum requirement of Android 4.4+. You can download this game and install it easily ApkStick.

  • It’s the safest way to protect your children from all the dangers on the internet.
  • Easy to install, easy to use, easy to set up.
  • Full protection at no extra cost.
  • No limitations, no bandwidth limits.
  • Works on all devices, including tablets and smartphones.
  • Available as a mobile app or as a dedicated appliance.
  • No hidden charges, no in-app purchases.
  • Free tech support.

Other Features

  • The most complete child tracking and monitoring app.
  • Monitor your child’s location, track your child’s activities and receive alerts on your child’s safety.
  • Keep track of your child’s social and online activities.
  • The most innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-use child safety tracking app.
  • The best way to keep your child safe.

Mobile Using Time Setup

Kids may not know what they’re doing at their age, which could lead to mistakes. Parents should monitor the activities of their children, especially when it comes to mobile devices and any websites they are surfing online. You will have to manage your time and set up limits for your children as well. Install FamiSafe Apk App that you agree are acceptable for your young ones and find ways to block the apps you don’t want them using in the first place.

Location Tracker Via Gps

FamiSafe is an application that’s simply a must-have for parents of devices. With it, you are able to see the locations of your children by simply linking the devices with real-time tracking via GPS. You no longer need to worry about letting the kids out on their own.

Because you can check up on them if they ever appear to be somewhere they shouldn’t be going or where they weren’t supposed to go! Create alerts when there are unexpected changes in travel such as right-turns into blocked areas and more.

Block Bad Apps And Websites

With the Internet connecting us to so many places and people, it’s easy to forget that this same online world can be so harsh as well. Children using social media sites or gaming apps have all kinds of perverts looking for them, but now you can protect your child online by telling their phones to block those sites that might be looking to cause them harm and urging them to spend more time at home, safe with you and away from the virtual dangers that await.

FamiSafe Mod Apk Features

  • It’s a totally FREE game. There are no in-app purchases and everything for completely free.
  • It’s an UNLIMITED game. You can enjoy the game without having to wait or pay extra for more lives.
  • It’s a SUPER EASY game. The gameplay is simple and easy.
  • This is because of the special features provided by the developer. It’s a SUPER FUN game. It is fun and enjoyable to play. This can be attributed to the special features provided by the developer.
  • It’s a ONE-TIME PAYMENT game. You don’t have to pay anything else ever again to play it.
  • It’s a RETRO game. If you love playing retro games, then you’ll love this one.
  • It’s a GAME for EVERYONE. This game is for everyone who loves shooting games, action games, and adventure games.


Did you know that an easy way to protect kids when they’re online is by installing FamiSafe? People use apps such as this to get peace of mind knowing their children are safe. You can do this too! One thing it helps you to do is stay up-to-date with everything your kids are doing on their phones or tablets like if they send out a threatening message, read some violent content, or download harmful things.

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