May 19, 2024

Dust Settle 3D Mod Apk 2.00 Download (Unlimited Money, One Hit Kill)

Dust Settle 3D

Dust Settle 3D Mod Apk Dust Settle 3D Space War is currently trending online as one of the most impressive games in the arcade genre, which can be played by absolutely anyone who has an Android operating system on their device and also a Google Play Account. This game is offered for free to users but some premium features may require in-app payments. Developer studio Mentha X Games was responsible for making and developing this game.

The game, Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game is three-dimensional and provides a different mood and feeling from the typical space shooter. In the game, you are the protagonist who is an alien hunter that comes to destroy all aliens present in the universe one wave at a time so that no other alien species will invade your galaxy. To survive against tens of thousands of enemies from various galaxies, you need to have a powerful spaceship that can protect you from attacks coming from all sides.

Dust Settle 3D Arcade

Dust Settle 3D Mod Apk VIP, Energy Unlocked

In Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game you will not encounter a vast battalion of enemies. The game is a first-person shooter with some RPG elements. There are three classes of weapons with which you can arm a self-rifle, an air rifle, or bombs and mines which you can throw.

Each weapon type has its own controls and tactics – the rifle allows you to engage in shooting, and combines this with melee attacks; while bombs and mines allow you to fight at close range by throwing them at your enemies, or further away by placing the bombs and control the timing of the explosion by radio contacts.

Key Features

In the Dust Settle 3D mod Apk game you must maneuver your way through the scene. Your enemies enter from the top of the screen and it’s up to you to take them out by using your special features. In order to do that, though, you will have to avoid their shots while keeping them off-balance with the weapons that you collect during this version of Dust Settle 3D.

Dust Settle 3D Game

Earning money is easy and you can use it to buy more powerful models of spaceships and even unlock different upgrades for yourself and advanced guns as well. During this gameplay session, be sure not to blow up or get blown up by leaving things too long before ending a battle because this could happen. Ark OF War Mod Apk

Dust Settle 3D Gameplay

In the thrilling gameplay that is Dust Settle 3D, Android gamers become a hero whose very purpose in life has been to save the universe from a dangerous threat. That being the case, the entire universe must be protected from dust and it’s up to you as this incredible space fighter in order to save your galactic army in their most desperate hour of need. Enter your ultimate spaceship into battle armed with your deadly laser gun, ready for a fun adventure.

Explore plenty of interesting levels with engaging and exciting gameplay that you won’t forget any time soon. Unlock multiple upgrades for your spaceships to make them more formidable in battle and evade the attacks launched against you by the enemy. You have shown us that you are a powerful fighter pilot, so now it’s time to prove yourself.

One-Touch Control Option

Dust Settle 3D Rewards

In the thrilling game Dust Settle 3D, gamers are in for a special treat. Thanks to simple touchscreen controls, anyone can quickly develop their skills and become an ace pilot. To start playing Dust Settle 3D, just tap the screen and swipe your finger over the spaceship you want to command. By dragging your finger around the spaceship, you’ll be able to move it wherever you wish. Once you’ve reached your desired position, simply press down hard on the screen and hold until you achieve the desired effect that will allow your spaceship to blast its enemies out of space with ease.

Earn Rewards By Completing Missions

To make the addictive shoot’em up the gameplay of the Dust Settle 3D Android game more engaging and fun, we are introducing a number of interesting missions and achievements. In this way, you can not only explore what makes the space shooter levels so exciting, to begin with but also attempt lucrative rewards that come for free when playing arcade challenges and quests.

Each time you progress through the story after collecting three new powerups, you will unlock an achievement that allows you to experience a hidden mission in one of the 9 levels from level 1 to level 10. Between them all, there is a lot to enjoy during your adventure into deep space – with no need to spend money on anything other than unlocking additional coins so as to continue enjoying challenging fetch-quests in secret locations.

Dust Settle 3D Enemies

In Dust Settle 3D your tactics will go through a glorious showdown against peculiar particles that come in various sizes and powers all of which will entice you for hours on end. With all kinds of particle types to encounter and challenges becoming increasingly difficult, we dare you to rise up to the occasion with the common dust, fight off the elitist dust, take on mini-bosses that are more powerful than ever before, and most importantly defeat the super boss who will challenge your skills like never before.

Extra Features

Enjoy an engaging game: slide your finger to maneuver the spaceship and destroy all the enemies with ease and protect your galaxy.
Simple controls: easy to play, easy to control
3D Graphics: Beautiful 3D graphics with a wonderful cosmic world to bring you exciting experiences.
Free: The game is entirely free and does not require the use of the Internet.
Challenging battles: You can get many items and bonuses: boosters or objects that power up your spaceship and increase your firepower and defense.
Upgrade: Upgrade your spaceship with effective attack and maneuverability.

Dust Settle 3D Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Energy Unlocked
  • Gems Unlocked
  • Mod Menu Unlocked
  • Coins Unlocked
  • Free  OF Ads


Dust Settle 3D Mod Apk Space Shooting Arcade Game for FREE today! This fun arcade game lets you test your reactions with easy controls that anyone can master. Compete against friend scores, join the leaderboards and challenge others around the world to top your Facebook friends! Dust Settle 3D is an addicting shooting game where you have to avoid being hit by space debris when armed with just a single ship and a limited budget.

The pace quickly increases as you invest in upgrades to your ship, and unlock more powerful weapons while fielding multiple ships at once as they engage in intense battlefield skirmishes against enemy ships bent on overtaking our universe. Are you tough enough to survive?

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