June 14, 2024

Dragons World Mod Apk 1.98713 Download (Unlimited Money, Everything)

Dragons World

Dragons World Mod Apk Dragon’s World is a very addicting game for Android and iOS about raising and training all kinds of different dragons. You play as a dragon master that raises adorable baby dragons with all sorts of different properties like fire, water, earth, ice, etc. Really cool creatures, an eye-candy visual design, and other neat things nearly any gamer would fall for.

At the start of the game, you are working with primary dragon breeds. To raise your dragons, you need to gather enough food or put them through challenges in order to earn gold. Once they have reached high enough levels, you can combine them with other breeds and start building a more powerful breed with special attributes.

Dragons World Breed

Dragons World Mod Apk Unlimited Money, Gems

When you’ve got dragons in your hand, early on seek out a trainer who can get them ready for the fight. Learn to hold different kinds of beasts for competing and call in your “Fighters” to win boosts in the arenas! Don’t forget: There’s molten experience here for your Warriors & Priests – put them to the test in PvP Battles with Dragons in tow.

Key Features OF Dragons World Apk

There are millions of dragons out there that you get to play with. You can create your own unique dragon sanctuary and add other awesome things to it, too. While you wait for new islands to be built, you can visit your friends’ islands, exchange gifts with them and watch a leaderboard that showcases the most competitive players in the game.


Dragons World is the easiest casual game to play, learn and master! Delve into Dragons World and become the ultimate dragon trainer! Of course, a few hours of gameplay won’t be enough to get to this level – but we are glad to see you on the way. All you need to do in order to achieve greatness is to collect dragons and go through ancient worlds full of adventures. Race against different players in exciting tournaments, proving you are the most talented trainer out there.

Dragons World Grow

Play at a colorful dragon world with stunning graphics and realistic 3D movements! Dragons World lets you collect over 300 species of dragons, craft armor and magic amulets for them, watch their growth every day, and train your pets. Trade and fight dragons in tournaments around the world! Join different clans or create one of yours to show everyone who’s boss! Enjoy an exciting journey on your road to glory. Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk


Dragons are always a topic of interest for gamers. In Dragons World MOD APK you’re the boss of the dragon island. You need to become the most talented dragon trainer and fight against other players in battles when dragons still ruled over the world. Each dragon species has different skills divided into multiple areas such as Water, Earth, Fire-Wind, and Magic representing the elements. You will also be mesmerized by a mysterious island that looks like it’s been taken out of a storybook thanks to its charming illustrations.

How To Play Dragons World Apk Game

When you first play the adventure game Dragon World, new players will follow a brief tutorial that teaches them the best way to develop a flock of dragons by building habitats, hatching dragon eggs, nurturing, breeding, and increasing their experience levels. After finishing the game tutorial, new players will be able to choose and decide on the actions they will perform.

Players can switch between two primary maps when playing the free adventure game Dragons World. They are able to see their base, which is a floating island. The island raised dragons. They also see a map screen of the empire as well as the Dragon League where fierce dragon fights can be held on them.

Dragons World Rise

Raise Your Pets

If you’re interested in raising hybrid dragons and having a stable of dragon pets, come to Dragon City. The game is a magical world with floating islands that is sure to be fun for experienced trainers of all ages.

PVP Matches

When you aren’t flying through the skies with your fire-breathing dragons, you can also go online and battle your dragon in live matches against other players who are vying for dominance. What’s really nice is that there are many ways to train your dragon to the point of becoming a high-flying fantasy fighter but where Dragon City differs from other game apps is that this game gives you a lot of items to help strengthen up your flying beasts.

Extra Features

  • A fully 3D world completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
  • Over 300 dragon breeds from different environments with unique abilities and features.
  • Make your own armor for dragons, collect magical amulets and visit the tournament.
  • An exciting world for you to explore with your friends.
  • A global map that you can move around an archipelago of flying islands.
  • Regular updates with new quests, new dragons, and new magic items.

Dragons World Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
  • Gems Fully Unlocked
  • Coins Unlocked
  • All Dragons Unlocked
  • Free OF Ads
  • Everything Unlocked


Enter the wondrous world of dragons! You will fight hundreds of new monsters while blocking zombies from rising and attempting to kill a monstrous dragon. The undead is continually escaping and looking for ways to harm this dragon monster, always finding clever ways to put your kingdom at risk.

Although facing an overwhelming epidemic is terrifying, you cannot give up or stop; instead, you must face the fact that you and your allies must combat these walking corpses to defend your kingdom against them.

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