May 30, 2024

Candy Manor Mod Apk Home Design 69 (Unlimited Money) Download

Candy Manor

Candy Manor Mod Apk Welcome to Candy Manor Home Design Bring your own Candy Manor back to life in this new and fun, puzzling, relaxing, and unique match-3 puzzle game! Restore the beautiful manor to its former glory by renovating each room of the mansion with various types of candy as you play this uniquely styled match-3 puzzle game.

Candy Manor Mod Apk Hack, Unlimited Money

In The You Candy Manor Mod Apk Game, you start your gaming adventure in the candy land, which has been taken over by the evil skeleton butler and his minions! They are trying to oust you from your own home, so it’s up to you to defeat them and save the peaceful land. Makeover Master MOD APK

Candy Manor baby

When playing Candy Crush Saga, you must pass level after level by crushing candies and placing them together until they shatter into multiple pieces. You can also decorate your house with a variety of furniture and collectibles that provide bonuses for free when played in the game. Make sure not to miss any of these hidden secrets.

Candy Manor Home Design Apk Gameplay

Mary is a designer. She moved to her hometown several years ago but knows that for the first few years, she will be asked back, again and again, to help with the event. Candy Land was always one of her favorite places as a child, so she would love to redesign the venue in hopes of preserving it. UNO Mod Apk

Really needs to learn more about how the people in her hometown celebrate this festival. In order to help her out, she has gone back home where she finds that there are several intrinsic elements that make up the success of the celebration, including a sense of nostalgia and elegance – elements that can be found inside an old house filled with memories from better times.

Candy Manor mod apk Help

Key Features

Candy Manor – Home Design mod apk manages to add a unique tendency that has been presented to us over and over again through different games but with its own distinct twist.

Main Features

  • Cute and well-made: the game is well designed and well-made.
  • Free to play: the game is free to play, and a free version with enough functions is available.
  • Interesting storyline: the game has an interesting story that is worth reading.
  • Many interesting levels: the game has many interesting levels, which are worth playing.
  • Many interesting characters: the game has many interesting characters, which are worth reading about.

Candy Manor Home Design Extra Features

  • The game is suitable for both children and adults.
  • As a busy person, you only need a few minutes a day to play the game.
  • Up to 2 hours of gameplay in one day.
  • Do not need to use data.
  • Available in multiple languages ​​and multiple currencies.


In the Candy Manor Home Design game overall, you will have to replace many important things in your house as well as perform a series of tasks. The tasks and overall replacement items can be found in the task menu at the bottom of your screen.

Candy Manor Rescue

Tasks that you must complete include replacing doors, and windows and even dusting the house. Do not forget that one of the most important things for your character to do is return home from work at night so it’s best to start with changing their living room or kitchen where they spend most of their time.

Candy Manor Home Design Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Hacks Unlocked
  • Gems Unlocked
  • Free Shopping
  • Free OF Ads
  • Unlimited Everything


Juicy Candy Studio already has a history of making successful games for Android game fans and developers. Their latest project, Candy Manor Home Design, is a combination of jigsaw puzzles and dream house-building games. Juicy candy studio used its existing knowledge of the android market to switch gears and refine its skills in the designing mobile apps segment.

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