July 18, 2024

War Wheels Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money, Coins, MOD) 2022

War Wheels Apk

War Wheels Mod Apk War Wheels is a cool adventure game by Mini Games Ltd. where gamers command robotic vehicles in futuristic battles against enemies, both ethereal and human. Gamers don’t just fight, they can also upgrade their vehicles to attack at higher speeds and deceptively stronger. Gamers who need the edge in fighting will benefit from adding this mod when it’s available so they can hit their enemy with a heavy punch.

Assemble, level up, and dominate with your hero tank in offline Mode of this interesting War Wheels Mod Apk Game. You will enjoy a variety of challenging battlefields. Your mission is to save all privates by defeating the enemy tank. Just tap on the screen to shoot unlimited ammo at any time. Tanktastic 3D Tanks Mod

War Wheels Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

Now you can Download the War Wheels mod APK from our website. the new and latest version of war wheels mod Apk has a feature that you can activate from within the mod menu. This makes it so that you won’t be attacked by other players in-game and no one will be able to kill you. Super Tank Rumble MOD APK

War Wheels mod apk BossWar Wheels mod apk Easy Control

Your units will have unlimited health, making them impervious to damage, but you’ll also be unable to attack or defend your base during this time which means there’s no way of winning if you just want to hide out while waiting for your health bar to regen so long as 3 others are still fighting back against you.


If you love playing games, you should definitely check out some of the latest games by Animoca Brands! One such game is called War Wheels Apk and gives people full control over their army. You can go online to download all of the newest versions and set up this app in no time at all. Before long you’ll be able to take your friends on exciting missions that your squad will surely win.

Key Features

War Wheels Apk is a brand new mobile game from Animoca Brands. This awesome app features lots of exciting things to do and a cool gaming experience that any gamer should enjoy thoroughly.

  • Put your reflexes to the ultimate test of thumb dodging, head shooting, and tank building.
  • Choose from over a dozen tank units and over ten thousand parts at your disposal.
  • Win over millions of players around the world and become the ultimate tank hero.
  • March through the battlefield with over ten powerful units in your arsenal.
  • Invite your friends to join the battle and share and compare your stats, tank units, and parts.

Some Other Cool Features

  • The Last man standing battle-royale mode: The last survivor wins.
  • Multiplayer real-time PvP battles: Join forces with other players and fight in co-op or in the PvP arena.
  • Ninja mode: One hit and you are dead, no chance to survive.
  • Team mode: Join with your friends and beat the never-ending waves of enemies to protect your tank base.
  • Power-ups: Boost your tank to the top of the battle.
  • The great war of 2018: It happened in the year 2018, before the great nuclear war. It’s an epic war of the future.
  • Sneak peek: Check out the trailer for a sneak peak of the game.

War Wheels Mod Apk Features

War Wheels mod apk TankWar Wheels mod apk Upgrade

This amazing War Wheels Mod Apk MOD can help you earn plenty of coins in no time and with no effort. Your enemy will be crying if you use this MOD. This Unlimited Coins mod allows you to freeze your coins and earn by spending the coins that weren’t frozen. There are 2 versions available either freeze all your in-game coins or only some of them you have an option to freeze or unfreeze a certain amount. How many would you like to freeze?


War Wheels mod Apk can be downloaded from the internet using your android devices only. As you download this game, it has features like gems, gold coins, elixir, and dark elixir all available to you at the start. There is no need to spend any money in this game as every single resource is unlocked right out of the gate so that you do not have to spend any money on it

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