July 19, 2024

Ludo Comfun Mod Apk Download (MOD, Unlimited Money, Coins)

Ludo Comfun Mod Apk If you are looking for a fun board game that can be enjoyed with others either virtually or in person, Ludo Comfun has recently become one of the most popular to play! The game is similar to other popular games like Parcheesi and Sorry.

Most people say they really enjoy that they can pass their turns when they need to take care of something away from the game table without forfeiting their turn like how things work in chess. It’s no wonder it is becoming so popular around the world.

Ludo Comfun Mod Apk Everything Unlocked

Ludo Comfun Enjoy

Ludo is one of the most classic games, which you can play with your friends. The word Ludo comes from a Latin word, and it means I play. Our aim is to let people all around the world enjoy this game together. At Ludo Comfun, you don’t just play against computers, but also against real people who are sitting across the continent. It’s easy to get started, and everyone will join us in our ludos! Welcome.

Key Features

Play the online ludo game with people from around the world and enjoy a round of your favorite ludo classic simple board game for free.

Ludo Comfun Apk Game Modes

Classic Ludo Our ludo board is supported by 2 to 6 players, who will each receive 4 tokens. Each player rolls the dice. Players then take turns rotating around the ludo board in a clockwise direction. If you land on a spot that has a token on it, you must battle them otherwise move on to roll the dice again.

If you defeat your opponent’s token through winning this combat, you can replace their token with one of yours. As soon as all of your tokens reach the center of the ludo board and form a line, you’ve reached your final destination: becoming the ludo king.

Ludo Comfun Experience

Play With Computer

You can play ludo against the computer in offline mode! You don’t need an internet connection to play. To start a new game, choose words and do activities with your virtual opponent.

PVP Matches

Play ludo with a friend Multiplayer game mode is available. You can play the game by shuffling between your turns and your friend’s turns. Game rules are set automatically in multiplayer mode. You can adjust the difficulty level of AI to make this ludo game more challenging to be the ludo king on mobile devices.

Enjoy Online Tournaments

From round 1 to the final, there are 6 tournaments. In each tournament, the winner faces off against a more difficult challenger who wins by depleting their opponent’s health to zero using only their skills. Whoever gets to fight enough battles and emerges victorious after having defeated all contenders by ending all of their health bars at once without losing once along the way is crowned champion! Everybody has one chance to win in each fight, so if you lose any one round then you will drop down into a lower division of the league and start over.

Ludo Comfun Game

Local Tournaments

You don’t need the Internet to play Ludo Games with your friends and family. It supports 2~4 players local multiplayer board dice game mode. Also, it is the best and most fun to play offline as a single player or with your friends on the same device by passing the turns.

Extra Features

  • Online Games: Play with your friends or random players.
  • Chat: Voice Chat with your friends, or you can also send messages to other players.
  • Unique Game Modes: Classic Ludo, Ludo King, Ludo Toronto, Ludo Master, Ludo World, Ludo Board, Ludo
  • Classic, Ludo Game, Cool Ludo, and more game modes.
  • Group Chats: you can create group chats to chat with your friends.
  • Stories: If you like to read stories, you can read these interesting stories.
  • Intuitive Design: Easy to play, easy to chat, easy to connect with friends.
  • Funny Games: Challenge your friends, we have a lot of funny games.
  • Multiplayer Games: Play with your friends or random players.
  • In-Game Chat: Voice Chat with your friends, or you can also send messages to other players.
  • Unique Game Modes: Classic Ludo, Ludo King, Ludo Toronto, Ludo Master, Ludo World, Ludo Board,

Ludo Comfun Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money Unlocked
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Gems Unlocked
  • Pro Unlocked
  • Premium Features Unlocked


Ludo Comfun Mod Apk is known by many names. Some people know it as Parcheesi in North America, Parchís in Spain, Parqués in Colombia, Chińczyk in Poland, Petits Chevaux en France, Reis ümber maailma in Estonia and Ludo Comfun is a modern version of Pachisi Ludo Comfun Mod Apk, but this time it’s created for modern times. We can play with multiplayer too.

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