Fire Truck Robot Car Game Mod Apk 122 (Mod, No Ads)

Fire Truck Robot Car Game Mod Apk is a car-based fighting game for Android. Your job is to protect the city from enemies by shooting them down with your laser. You must destroy the enemies by shooting them with your laser.

Fire Truck Robot Car Action

This is the first game I have ever created. I have been working on it for almost two years and I am still very proud of it. I’m hoping that you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Wild Wolf is a 3D car transform game. You are the wild wolf and you need to save the city from the enemy invasion. Use your skills to play the game and complete the missions.

Fire Truck Robot Car Game Mod Apk Money Unlocked

It is a game for kids that is designed to teach them how to play. We can say that this is a perfect game for kids and adults to play together. In addition, it is a fun and educational game that teaches you how to play the piano.GameLoop emulator is a powerful tool that allows you to run Android applications on your computer. Using the GameLoop emulator, you can now play games like Fire Truck Robot Car Game. The best part is, it’s free and easy to use. Higgs Domino Mod Apk

Key Features

As a firefighter, your job is to save the citizens from the fire that is raging. To do so, you need to drive a flying firefighter truck through the city and perform rescue missions. But before you can start driving, you need to collect coins and upgrade your vehicle. You can also unlock new features of your truck.

Fire Truck Robot Car Game


Are you looking for a fun and engaging game to play with your kids? Well, this game is perfect for you! This game will allow you to experience flying fire engine trucks as well as robot transforming skills. The game also offers you to complete various rescue missions on different levels, which will make the game interesting. The game will be available on Google Play Store.

This is a very unique and fun game that is based on the concept of a robot transforming into a fire truck. You will be given a task to quickly and safely extinguish a fire. Your goal is to get to the fire before the fire truck explodes.


Fire Truck Robot Car Fight

This is a first-person action-adventure game where you play as a firefighter who can drive a rescue truck and jump over obstacles. It is also a simulation game where you can make use of your skills to save people from getting hurt and save their property from getting destroyed. You need to work as a team with your fellow firefighters and rescue them from fire and avalanches. You must use your skills and teamwork to rescue them and then take them to safety.

Extra Features

The new iOS game “Fire Rescue” is an action puzzle game for all ages. The player takes the role of a fireman who has to save people trapped in the houses after the blizzard. Fireman has a special robot that he uses to help him in his mission. The game includes different levels of difficulty, from easy to difficult.

This is an epic simulator game for the real firefighter. Take the role of a firefighter and drive the fire engine in snowfall on thrilling missions. Test your real firefighter skills and save the city from collateral damage. The game features an intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface and a detailed 3D environment. The game is a fun-filled simulation game for the real firefighter, and also for the casual player. It is a must-have for every firefighter and first responder.

Fire Truck Robot Car Game Mod Apk Features

  • Money Unlocked
  • Gems Unlocked
  • Free Purchases
  • Unlimited Everything Unlocked


Fire Truck Robot Car Game Mod Apk is an exciting game that allows you to test your skills and skills in rescue, firefighting, and police. You can choose to play as a firefighter truck, super robot, or police car. The game has 3 different levels with increasing difficulty. So, start your firefighting adventure now. Features Beautiful snow falling climate Winter season theme Smooth truck control the Iron robot to rescue people Challenging gameplay.

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