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Call Me Emperor Mod Apk fulfilling all the duties of Eastern Empire ruler and creating a powerful state in Call Me Emperor
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Call Me Emperor Mod Apk Call Me Emperor: Alternate World Mod APK (Unlimited Money) is a game based on strategy. In this simulator, you can manage the empire. And now, you can choose your own way to play the game. You can build a city, take part in wars, make alliances, and trade. And you can also unlock new features and characters as you progress in the game.

Call Me Emperor Game

Call Me Emperor is a strategy game for the PC and Mac. It is a combination of two games: “The Game of War” and “The Game of Life” Sky Arena is a new MOBA game that allows you to experience the action from a first-person perspective. It features over 60 characters, a huge map, and a variety of gameplay modes. Sky Arena is developed by the same team that created the popular MOBA games DOTA and League of Legends. Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Call Me Emperor Mod Apk Unlimited Everything

In previous versions of this game, gamers were limited to choosing between 5 or 8 rulers. In Call Me Emperor, players can choose between 12 rulers. Each of them has a unique look. Some are more handsome and some more attractive. You can use the characters’ names as the name of the main character. For example, if you want to paint a picture of a girl named “Sue”, you can name your picture “Sue”. This is an easy way to keep the painting cohesive.

The Best Action Game

It’s a game where you play as an emperor in ancient Rome. You can choose your own name, gender, and appearance. You will be able to manage the affairs of the empire, including tax collection, development of infrastructure, the hiring of advisers and advisors, and military strategy.

Call Me Emperor Empire

The kingdom is in your hands, so make sure to visit his harem and bring up heirs for a full life of the state. Make sure to check out the royal library and learn about the history of the kingdom.

Key Features

There are several different ways to play this. One way is to have a large number of concubines, and then have them arrive at a certain time, such as by order of the emperor. Another way is to have a number of children and have them arrive at a certain time, such as by order of the emperor. The harem can be found in the Imperial Garden. The rooms for children are in the rooms for heirs. The emperor has no say in who can marry whom, so he has no power to influence who marries who. The empress can only choose the person she wants to be her spouse.


The story is about the journey of the hero who wants to get to the portal, but it is also about the antagonist who wants to get to the portal and has a goal of destroying the hero. The story is about the hero trying to get to the portal and the antagonist trying to stop him. It is about how the antagonist is trying to achieve his goal and the hero is trying to stop him. But what if the hero succeeds in getting to the portal? What would happen?

Call Me Emperor Darling

In this short story, I take the main character to Ancient Japan for a few days. He meets a Japanese monk who has a mystical connection with a statue of Buddha. The monk uses this connection to send the main character back in time, to Ancient Japan.

Graphics And Sound Quality

The graphics and sounds were created by a professional game designer, and are based on historical facts. The scenes, costumes, buildings, and characters are all accurate. This game lets you experience the atmosphere of the Japanese Edo period (1603-1867. when the first samurai began to appear in Japan. The player can experience the excitement of a samurai life in this game. Players can enjoy the rich atmosphere of the Edo period and can experience the life of the samurai as they fight in real-time against the enemy.

Call Me Emperor Mod Apk Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free OF Ads
  • Everything Unlocked


Call Me Emperor Mod Apk game features a full range of mechanics, including diplomacy, technology, economy, and politics. The game combines these elements into a single game experience. The game has a single-player mode and a multiplayer mode. The main goal of the game is to manage the affairs of the Eastern Empire and build your own empire in a post-apocalyptic world.

What's new

I. New Content
1. [Salvation Trip]: Build a team of 4 to start the adventure.
2. [Character Transfer]: Move to a new server if your applicaiton gets approved.
3. [Space]: Interact with Friends.
4. [Jade Looting]: Available in Villa.
Ⅱ. Optimization
We optimized some features based on players' suggestions.



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