Best 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps 2023

WhatsApp is a vital element in the lives of a lot of users. We communicate with each other about text video, images and a lot more.. This is where we connect with our friends, family and beloved ones, and any other person we wish to. It’s important to identify who we are communicating with most of the time using WhatsApp to bring a tiniest end to it. To have fun, it’s important to understand the people with whom who spends time with the longest time using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp trackers tracker applications that allow you to track WhatsApp actions. These tracker applications are available to download to your smartphone. While some track WhatsApp places , they only keep track of chats. Others track online messages and the date when they were last seen.

Best 5 WhatsApp Tracker Apps 2023

1. ChatWatch

ChatWatch makes use of data from WhatsApp particularly online notification in addition to the last seen for a reason to track the activities. The information could be utilized to calculate or provide information on users who are target user, such as how often they use the app. The best part is that this app can simultaneously analyze the data on both target users to find out if they’ve sent a text message.

The app is made specifically for Android users and is very easy to use. You need to input your WhatsApp phone number of the target user of ChatWatch for them to track the length of their online and offline time. ChatWatch keep track on up to two WhatsApp numbers, based on the subscription you’ve got.


Instant notification immediately in the event that you know that the target person is online or logins late early hours of the night.

Find out how likely it is for two of your acquaintances communicating with each other. This can lead to comparisons based upon the overlap of the two’s online activities.

It will provide information on the amount of sleep time it is believed to be that the target user is receiving every day.

2. WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

WaStat is one more WhatsApp online tracker which provides online notifications as well as a record of what time the person has been last seen. It’s component of Android that is an Android operating system. It’s extremely easy to use. You can download it through the Play Store, then install the app on the Play Store and then click in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to include user names on the track.

It immediately sends a notification each time you go online. The app shows your time intervals in a clock-like view. Help for customers is offered to help customers track WhatsApp online status at the quickest time. Recently, the app has also introduced offline notification and animation to support.


It also indicates the hours of use.

It provides the most up-to-date announcements and stats over the last 30 days.

It can track up to 10 contacts simultaneously.

Instant notification immediate alert target user who is online

3. Chat Track Online Tracker

Another excellent WhatsApp online tracker app for you to track online notification at the last seen is Chat Track online tracker. It’s a free efficiency category app. It tracks your time that you last seen and sends a short notification to ensure you are watching your children. Its notification has a precise date and gives the ability to provide 24/7 every day of the week.

Chat Track tracks “last seen” in just two or three clicks. Simply tap the + symbol located at the top of the page, and then enter the target number. You can also set the time frame for the monitoring and then await notifications.

4. WaLog

The WaLog online last seen tracker Tracker WaLog online last seen tracker can be described as an advanced WhatsApp online tracker that allows you to track last seen as well as notification. It will let you know how much time your children spend on WhatsApp or if they are spending their time on WhatsApp instead of relaxing on the couch after a long day of school. With WaLog you’ll keep track of where your child was last seen and receive notifications whenever they are online and offline. It’s an iPhone-friendly tracker.


Notifications that are offline and online notification

It follows more than one person at a time. time

Reports on analysis and tracking that are comprehensive

24/7 customer support through the app

Check the data, and then give a report on two numbers

5. Whatster Screen Time Tracker

Whatster ScreenTime Tracker is an application-based tracker in the field of productivity. It’s capable of track online activities and notifications at the same time. Users get instant notifications when the allowed time to use WhatsApp is completed. Whatster isn’t only for WhatsApp. You can create up to 10 profiles in one go.


Control of productivity

Daily, hourly, and more full weekly reports

24/7 support for customers in-app to facilitate app use

You can also include more than 10-digit numbers so that you can track your online status

A no-cost app update that boosts performance

User-friendly and simple interface

Unlimited notification

AI-based features to suggest photos


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