July 17, 2024

Battle Night Mod Apk Cyberpunk RPG Free Download (Unlimited Money)

Battle Night Mod Apk To start up a Battle Night: Cyber ​​Squad-Idle RPG, you will experience a plot that focuses on the dark cyberpunk setting and is a little weird. The main gameplay element of Battle night guide is an accelerator idle combat which becomes all the more immersive when in battle.

In which players create teams with a maximum number of characters per stage which is five people. You will not need to do anything during combat other than speed acceleration missions. This is very useful for those who are busy or do not have time to play manually.

Battle Night Mod Apk Unlimited Money Unlocked

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When you download Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG Apk Android 2.0 Apk Full version or MOD then you can get it here for your android. You can download Battle night orange hero: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG Apk Android 2020 APK and also Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG Apk Android 2220 full version from here. Just select your desired version of .apk and download it. Monster Clash 2 Mod Apk

Before you get the official APK file, clear up what an “APK file” is. An APK is a special Android application package with a .apk filename extension. This Apk file is designed especially for Android users who cannot download the app from the Google Play store.

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Key Features OF Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG

If you want to play Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG on your Android phone or any other device but are encountering problems downloading it through the official Google Play Store, do not worry. You can still get the Battle night code game downloaded and installed on your android or another compatible device. As long as you don’t forget to download it from a safe website like apkstick.com, that is. Rucoy Online Mod Apk

Battle Night Mod Apk Features

  • Upgrade your skills to become a real gangster.
  • Use your skills to upgrade your gang.
  • Unlock new equipment and weapons to become stronger.
  • Collect money from battles and use it to buy new equipment.
  • Trade with other players and get the most valuable equipment.
  • Join powerful alliances

Some Other Features OF The Game

  • Battle night mod apk 2021 is a unique combination of RPG, Idle, and Hack’n’Slash genres.
  • You are to become a true legend of the crime world.
  • Gain power and followers, who will help you in difficult missions.
  • Collect epic gear and legendary cyberware to help you in battle.
  • Level up and upgrade your weapons and gear.
  • Join a gang and take part in gang wars and battles against rival gangs and other enemies.
  • Become a billionaire and rule the streets of the city.
  • Intense action and gameplay with different game scenarios.
  • Funny short comics will tell you the story of the main character.
  • Become a legendary gangster and create your own gang that dominates the streets.

Battle Night Apk Version

  • Experience the best Action RPG on Android!
  • Battle Night is a mix of the Action & Idle RPG genres.
  • A brand new cyberpunk setting that you’ve never seen before.
  • Battle Night: Cyberpunk is a free idle RPG game for you.


Open Battle Night: Cyber Squad, an idle RPG/strategy game and you will discover a thrilling cyberpunk world where story meets action. Use your squad to fight the evil corporation that destroyed your father by winning matches in a turn-based strategy style. It’s easy to get started.

You’ll need about three days for you and your apprentices to become powerful enough to challenge the military junta responsible for your father’s death. If you love games like Clash of Clans, Game of War, or Star Wars Commander, this is your next fun addiction.

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Nevertheless, sitting and watching is not the ideal way to go about winning a match especially when it means you lose control of what’s happening in front of you. If a fighter allows his opponent to stay comfortable, then he will probably feel frustrated by how uninvolved he feels with what happens during that battle.

It doesn’t matter how long the round goes, it only matters how well you prepare for it. One thing that disappoints me about Battle Night is the fact that I open my reward chest after 24 hours. The more times I win, the more rewards I earn, which is exactly what any good fighter wants.

Use The Character You Like

Battle Night has a huge collection of characters that is far greater than any other combat role-playing game and is superior to many of its competitors. The game allows you to choose from so many characters all with a cyberpunk theme and design, but what’s more, the fun is all of the different abilities they possess.

I tend to favor characters like Thunderbolt – Naomi. She seems adorable with an amusing name, but her appearance and ability are contradictory to one another. Another character that I particularly enjoyed playing was Power of Galaxy – Gilbert who wields some devastating weaponry in battle which makes for exciting fights.


Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG is off to a good start. But just like any game, this one too has its drawbacks. The first one is that there is no interaction with other players during gameplay. Some players would have enjoyed the ability to chat with everyone while they gathered their battle equipment and selected their skills for combat.

On top of not being able to interact directly with other players, promotions such as logging in on Saturdays to log in on Sunday for extra rewards may appeal greatly to some players but most would rather get as much bang for their buck as possible.

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