5 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps for Android 2023

WhatsApp is an popular messaging app which is used by millions of users across the globe. Although the app is well-known for its ease of use and user-friendliness however, certain users might want to modify it to better suit their particular requirements. This is why WhatsApp mod apps are available. They are third-party applications of WhatsApp which offer extra features and functions that aren’t available on the main app. In this article we’ll take a look at the top WhatsApp mod apps available for Android and how they stand apart from the normal WhatsApp experience.

What is WhatsApp Mod?

WhatsApp Mod is a term used to describe modified versions of WhatsApp Mod, which is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. Modified versions are developed independently by developers that add additional features or modify WhatsApp’s appearance and functions beyond the features available in WhatsApp’s official versions of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Mods usually come with features such as that of the ability to hide the status of your online account and custom themes and anti-ban features and enhanced privacy along with security choices, and much more.

5 Best WhatsApp Mod Apps for Android


GBWhatsApp is an popular WhatsApp Mod app that offers various customization choices available to Android users. In GBWhatsApp users have the ability to customize their WhatsApp experience with a variety of themes such as fonts, colors and fonts. The app offers an array of themes that users can choose from which allows users to modify the app in accordance with their personal preferences. Furthermore, GBWhatsApp allows users to block their last-viewed blue ticks, blue ticks, and status online, providing users with more security in the messaging experience.

One of the main features that is a key feature of WhatsApp GB can be it’s ability to upload status videos without a time limit. This means users can upload videos that are longer and be more expressive in the WhatsApp statuses. Furthermore, GBWhatsApp allows users to make personal stickers and share their creations with family and friends. This feature can be a fantastic option to add personal touches to your conversations, and make them more enjoyable and interesting.

Another advantage of GBWhatsApp is its ability to share up to 90 images simultaneously, making it much easier to users to send multiple photos and contacts. This feature is particularly useful for people who wish to share holiday or travel photos with family and friends. In general, GBWhatsApp offers a range of features that provide a fantastic option in the hands of Android users who wish to personalize your WhatsApp experience and gain more ability to control their messaging.


YoWhatsApp is well known as a modified alternative to WhatsApp specifically designed for Android users with a user-friendly interface that offers many extra features which are not offered within the official app. The app is renowned for its wide range of customizable choices and settings for privacy which offer users with more freedom over the messaging experience. A major and popular features that users can avail of YoWhatsApp is its ability to conceal the status of typing blue ticks and the status of online which helps users keep their privacy intact and prevent unnecessary interruptions.

Another notable feature in YoWhatsApp can be found in its ability to share large files, for example, videos that exceed 50MB. This is a lot higher than the limit of 16MB in the initial WhatsApp app. This is particularly beneficial for users who regularly share media files with loved ones and friends. In addition, YoWhatsApp allows users to download status updates, something that isn’t possible with WhatsApp’s original WhatsApp app. This feature lets users to save photos and videos their contacts have uploaded to their statuses, and provides users with an easy method of storing and accessing their preferred content.

Alongside the above features, YoWhatsApp also offers an array of options for customization like the ability to alter the theme as well as font styles or background colour for the app. Users can also alter the screen of chat by altering the size of the font as well as the color and design, and selecting from a variety of Emojis. These options for customization allow users to customize your messaging experience as well as enhance the user experience by making the app more appealing visually. In the end, YoWhatsApp is an excellent alternative to Android users who wish to improve their messaging experience by adding additional features and customizable options.


FMWhatsApp is an altered variant of WhatsApp, the popular WhatsApp messaging app, created to offer users with extra features and customizing options that aren’t found in its official app. One of the main reasons FMWhatsApp has become more popular than other mod applications is the anti-ban feature. This feature assists in reducing the chance of an account ban that is a typical worry for users who utilize WhatsApp mods. By using the help of this feature, users can use the app without having to worry about their accounts being suspended by WhatsApp.

Alongside its In addition to its Anti-ban feature, FMWhatsApp offers a large variety of customization options that users can choose to tailor the messaging experience. Users can select from a range styles, designs and icons, which allows them to alter the appearance of the app according to their preference. It also comes with features like message scheduling, fonts and icons. app additionally offers features such as message scheduling or hiding chats, as well as the ability to upload larger files which makes it a more flexible messaging app than WhatsApp’s official version. WhatsApp.

Another reason FMWhatsApp is popular with users is the fact that it offers greater security and privacy features. The app permits users to conceal the status of their internet activity, block receipts for read-only, and secure individual chats using the use of a password. These features give users with more freedom over the messaging experience which makes it an popular choice for people who value safety and confidentiality. In the end, FMWhatsApp is a great alternative for users who want to improve the quality of their WhatsApp experience and take advantage of additional features not found in its official app.

4.WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is among the top WhatsApp mod applications that offers an array of features which aren’t offered on an official WhatsApp app. Through WhatsApp Plus, users can modify the appearance and feel that they get from the app to match their personal preferences. The app includes a variety different themes which can be used to alter the color and design and appearance of the app. This allows users to enhance your WhatsApp experience more personal and enjoyable.

Another helpful feature that is a great feature WhatsApp Plus Its other great feature is its ability to conceal its blue and double tick and status online. This feature is beneficial for people who value privacy and wish to limit who is able to see their activities on WhatsApp. Furthermore it allows users to send larger files. app lets users to share larger files like audio and videos that could be an advantage for people who must send large media files to their contacts.

The most striking features in WhatsApp Plus is its ability to plan messages. It means users can schedule messages to be delivered at an exact time. This is useful for people who wish to send messages where their friends are likely online. WhatsApp Plus also offers advanced customization options that allow users to alter the fonts, backgrounds colors as well as the icons in the app. With all of these features it’s easy to understand the reason WhatsApp Plus is among the top popular WhatsApp mods that are available for Android

5.OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is one of the most popular modified versions of the initial WhatsApp application available for Android. It offers users many features that aren’t available in the original version of WhatsApp which includes the ability to create several WhatsApp accounts on the same device. This is an excellent feature for people who want to keep their professional and personal messaging separated. Furthermore, OG WhatsApp allows users to personalize the interface by choosing different themes color, fonts, and fonts.

Another great feature in OG WhatsApp is its ability to transfer larger files than the standard WhatsApp application. Users can send files that are up 100MB in size which is a lot more than 16MB limits in the default app. This is especially beneficial for people who regularly send media files, such as photographs, videos and music. Additionally, OG WhatsApp offers a set of privacy settings that permit users to restrict who is able to see their online activity, last seen and receipts that they read.

All in all, OG WhatsApp is a excellent option in the eyes of Android users who prefer an enhanced and customizable messaging experience. Its features include everything from simple UI changes to more sophisticated privacy settings as well as greater capacity for file sharing and make it an popular choice for people who appreciate those features within their messaging applications. Although the app isn’t in Google’s Google Play Store, it is available for download from various websites and is fairly easy to install.

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